Thursday, March 17, 2011

Very Short 3DS Impression

So I was in the mall area today doing stuff (Bought a top loader NES. Awesome.) and stopped at Best Buy with the sole intent of checking out the 3DS display and hopefully get a chance to get play a little. I did and played a little bit of Pilotwings Resort.

And after a few minutes I must say that the 3DS is all kinds of neat. It really did feel like I was looking into a window and seeing a 3D landscape. Pilotwings itself also seemed pretty cool. The analog disk on the system felt good and seems like it'll be a good way to play analog games and such. Outside of that not much else to say. While I wasn't in a hurry, my back was hurting more from bending over to play on the kiosk than any possible eyestrain could have affected me plus my buddy I was with was in more of hurry.

So in short, I must give the nifty qualitiess of the 3DS a thumbs up and may have cemented my getting one at launch (though through Amazon so it won't be at my place till early April). I'd like to have actually held it to get a feel for it in my hands but it is expected that they wouldn't let you do that.


  1. I'm gonna try finding a Best Buy that has a demo kiosk up this weekend. I had a dream last night that I was trying out a 3DS and I was unimpressed. :c I really hope that's not the case.

  2. While I can't vouch for anyone else, I think it might depend on what you play. Frankly Pilotwings Resort is probably the best game to really show off the effect since the demo is rather relaxed though they did have a goal mode and a free fly mode. The free fly mode really lets you appreciate the effect a little more.

    I dunno how it'd feel for a game like SSFIV.