Friday, March 18, 2011

Featured Artist: mssingno

No, there isn't an 'i' missing up there, that's what this artist goes by on dA.

Anyway, have you ever wanted to make your own Pokemon? Well, that's what this person and a lot of other artists on deviantArt do. It's a sort of a sub-niche within the Pokemon niche. The imagined Pokemon are called 'Fakemon' and sometimes these ideas are realized by the artists in a concept drawing. Out of many Fakemon artists, I think mssingno has some of the best concepts. They were nice enough to let me feature the Fakemon they've come up with, so here are a few that really stood out and I could definitely see becoming Pokemon.

First, let's begin with some starter Pokemon concepts:

Monoliz -> Hydros -> Serpentreo
Though Generation V has a Hydra-like dragon, I really love this design.

Embright -> Coalite -> Lumisect
A firefly! Why hasn't this been made yet?
Floatern -> Ringull -> Seagale
I like this much better than Wingull.
Now let's take a look at a couple of legendary Fakemon!
Biggest. Pokemon. Ever.
A steel and 'light'-type Pokemon. I approve.
Here's a few more that I thought were worth mentioning, though like with purplekecleon's article, I will probably forget some that I wanted to feature:
Scarib -> Scaracoph -> Scarrapri
A Pokemon based on a Scarab, now that's an idea that should have been done a loooong time ago. Great design with this.
Based on a Gila Monster, another great concept.
Not quite like my idea for another Water/Steel type, but still good, nonetheless! I wouldn't have thought of an underwater mine to be a Pokemon, but I can live with this design.
I have seen someone suggest a pumpkin-based Pokemon before, and this has been the best design for one I've seen so far.
I really love this one. The Tron-like look of it is so cool.
Another concept I wouldn't have thought of. A Ghost/Steel type, very unique design.
He looks pissed. Another concept for a Steel/Water type, the fishbowl just adds to the cuteness.
Well, that is a sampling of the Fakemon by mssingno. Really awesome designs, right? I've tried designing a couple of Fakemon, but I don't think they could compete with what's posted here, or in the rest of mssingno's gallery. Go have a look and thank them for letting me use the artwork in this feature!

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  1. Scarib and it's evolutions is my absolute favorite. It's a great play on the Caterpie/Metapod/Butterfree evolutions and with a great egyptian twist. Perfect for finding in the ruins of Unown.