Saturday, March 19, 2011

Gaming Reference: Chuck & Mr. Sunshine

Admittedly I've seen video games in quite a few places lately. I've just been too busy to post about it. I saw a Contra skit on Robot Chicken involving the fact that the two lead characters realized they had multiple lives. Then on my favorite show, How I Met Your Mother, there was an episode a few weeks back where Marshall and Ted bond over some Nintendo gaming as Marshall tries to recover from his father's passing.

So I couldn't let more references pass by without noting them. So today I have two for you readers.

First there's another one of my favorite television shows (unfortunately airing opposite of How I Met Your Mother), which is a spy comedy called Chuck. In last week's Chuck, Chuck and the beautiful Yvonne Strahovski were tossed aside as some new spies became the new "A-team" for an episode. Chuck, being the nerdy but awesome guy he is, felt that their free time would be best spent playing Final Fantasy 2 on his Super Nintendo. At first it was a throw-away line but then they actually had him and his fiancee-spy play a little. Quite a nice touch, even with a quick blowing into the cartridge before placing it in the classic console.

I doubt I'd be too concerned with Final Fantasy if I were sitting next to her...

Then in another reference, a recent episode of the Matthew Perry show, Mr. Sunshine featured more video game action. His character, Ben, played some Mario Kart Wii with the dopey Roman. As the familiar sound effects played in the background the two discussed the pro's and con's of Yoshi.

"I like Yoshi. I like him! And he can really round the curves on Donkey Kong mountain."

"Yeah but he's a joke on Peach Beach."


So as I said, there has been a lot of gaming in the media lately but I've been unable to keep up. If you've seen anything you'd like me to feature, let me know and maybe I can post it up. I don't know if it's just my gaming tastes or not either but it seems that all the references I've seen lately involved Nintendo products both old and new. That's quite telling. Maybe we're past the days of gaming references just being people obsessing over Halo-clones in an unrealistic way.


  1. I'm just glad that they are more accurately representing video games nowadays.

    Used to be they'd just have the most recent consoles on screen with Atari 2600 sounding bleeps and bloops going on. All the while button mashing like crazy for even games that don't work that way.

    And don't get me started on the insanely stereotyped fake games they'd use if they actually showed the game.

  2. That's what was nice about the Mr. Sunshine comment. They show actual Mario Kart footage.