Thursday, March 17, 2011

Featured Artist: purplekecleon

This is a new articles series I'm starting that will feature artists I find that craft superb pieces of fan art of video games. Since it's Pokemon week, I thought I would start with one of my favorite artists: purplekecleon.

I started following her on deviantArt a few years ago, and her submissions have graced my inbox regularly. I asked her permission to feature her in this article*, unlike some other site, and she told me to choose which works of hers I like the best, so... here they are.

Snivy and Serperior, she did tell me that this was her favorite piece at the moment.
Joltik on a leaf with rain dripping on it's head, isn't it the cutest?!
Dragonair, my favorite!
Milotic! Another favorite! (I love sea serpent-like Pokemon)
The new starter Pokemon. This piece was made shortly after their reveal. I have a feeling that many fans have grown to like them because of this piece.
Another piece made shortly after these new Pokemon were revealed. Man, she can make any Pokemon likable.
I love the lighting in this one, really looks like they're in a forest.
I picked this one out for Ink, it's one of his main team members.
Precious experience! KILL IT!
I couldn't resist putting this one in. An anthropomorphic Dragonair boy covered in Snivys... that's what I would be.
Well, those are the images I wanted to feature, I'm sure if I look through her gallery again, I'll find something that I really wanted to mention that I missed. I gave quite a lot of love to fifth generation Pokemon, but oh well, those have been on my mind as of late. Meh, this article feels so inferior to her artwork. I feel like I just can't do her work justice, it's too good!

All of the artwork can be found in her deviantArt gallery, with the exception of the last picture, which is from her furaffinity gallery. Go thank her for letting me feature her artwork in this article!

*Actually, now I feel bad about my Top 10 yesterday, all I did was search google for images... I could have used my own photos for the beluga, dolphin and lionfish... but.. ah well, if someone contacts me, I will take the images down.

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