Monday, March 14, 2011

It's Poke-Mania! Pokemon Week!

Since four of the editors have been playing Pokemon Black and White quite a lot lately, we're going to celebrate by making this week a Pokemon Week! All this week, we'll be posting articles related to Pokemon.

I don't know about the other editors, but right now, I have nothing but Pokemon on my mind right now, so these articles should come to me easily. I'm almost done with the main game in Pokemon Black, and it's been such a great improvement over previous iterations, though there are some things missing. I love my team though, especially Scolipede.

D'awww, it's so fat.
I'll discuss more about the game in our upcoming collaborative mega-review of Pokemon Black/White later this month.

Anyway, it's Pokemon week! Celebrate by telling us what you like about Pokemon. We'll have a new Pokemon-related poll up for this week soon.

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  1. Gives me a good idea to do an article why I almost completely don't get Pokemon.