Monday, March 7, 2011

Gaming on a Budget: Little King's Story & Retro Game Challenge

The two games featured today, I actually ordered from Amazon recently. I still haven't gotten them in, but I'm patiently awaiting them. (Though I probably won't have much time to play them due to Pokemon at the moment.)

Little King's Story
Price New: $23.99

I don't know too much about the game, just that it has similarities with Pikmin, and that interested me. The game is published by XSEED who is known for publishing quirky titles like this one, and...

Retro Game Challenge
Price New: $13.99

This one! Any fan of classic games should own this, which is why I ordered it. Pandereus in the second Negative World podcast explained it as one of the 'overlooked' games we talked about in it. (My game was Deadly Creatures.) If I'm not too busy with Pokemon in the next week, I'll definitely be playing some of this.

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