Wednesday, March 23, 2011

5 Gaming Items I'd Just Like To Have

I'm a game collector. Now while my collection isn't gigantic or anything (damn the expense!) I know what I like and there are some pieces that would be just fantastic to just have. And because I love lists I thought I'd list the top 5. Because otherwise the list might get really long.

5 Gaming Items I'd Just Like to Have*

Robotic Operating Buddy

Ah R.O.B how I covet thee. Sure the games that use you are not particularly good and for whatever reason you and your kind always trend towards evil, but you just look so awesome. I'd love to just have R.O.B sitting on the top of my bookshelf, looking all '80s and such. And I'd do everything I could to keep him from turning towards evil or at least keep him occupied.

The Power Glove

"I love the Power Glove. It's so bad." - Lucas

And with that line a powerful meme was created. One that is pretty much a law to use when mentioning anything power glove related. While pretty much useless, as the AVGN demonstrated, it does exude a certain air of geeky awesome that few peripherals could match. Plus if I had one, I'd wear it all the time around the house. Annoying my roommates with that classic line. I might even start calling myself Lucas. Well maybe not that.

Virtual Boy

As maybe the worst thing Nintendo has ever created and the direct cause of the great Gunpei Yokoi's departure from Nintendo, this system has something of a history to it. I'd never want to play with it even if the games themselves aren't remarkably bad (outside of Waterworld) but much like R.O.B. this thing has a certain bit of awesome to it. Especially if I have a stand for it.

Super Scope

Definitely not as memorable as the Zapper and nowhere near as comfortable to use it has the the distinction of being one of the few peripherals for the SNES, especially compared to the glut of peripherals the NES had. Plus it is a bazooka. Bazookas are cool right?

The 32X and Sega CD
Look at that poor Genesis. You can almost hear it crying out in pain as it is suffocated by two of the things that so tarnished Sega's reputation that they would never really recover from. But still there are a few good games on each of them and if I really wanted a laugh I could buy the many terrible FMV games they made for them. I could even buy the most evil game ever, according to Joe Lieberman, Night Trap.

*And yes I know my list pretty much reads like a list of things the AVGN has reviewed but I stand by these picks.


  1. I've always wanted R.O.B. as well. There was an indie games store that had it here once, and from what I could tell, it was in excellent condition. I forgot how much they wanted for it though.

  2. I cried for weeks just to have the super scope but my mom did not buy me that gadget. Maybe because it was too expensive that time.

  3. Probably was. I never really wanted one as a kid. There really weren't any great games for it. I did get a chance to play with it as a kid via a friend having one but it was uncomfortable.

    But now I want one just to have it. And the really bummer is that I had a chance to buy one at a used game store that is in North Dakota (and a Virtual Boy for $100 at another) but I didn't. Really wish I had pulled the trigger on that.