Sunday, March 6, 2011

OC Remix Captures MissingNo.

The people over at OverClocked Remix are at it again, timing their newest album appropriately. They encourage you to 'download them all' with Pokemon: "The Missingno Tracks". This new album features music from all four generations of Pokemon games, remixed and remastered for Pokemaniacs of all ages.

You can find artist bios, director's notes, and information about the project here. Of course, you can find the download link there as well or if you prefer, you can torrent it. Find that at the link as well.

The album contains 28 tracks of awesomeness. Examples of borrowed tracks include the road to viridian city, the battle theme, Jigglypuff's song, and much MUCH more. Take a break from playing Pokemon Black/White,... just one quick break... and download this album now!

When you're done, go back to playing Pokemon Black/White, and I hope to God you were smart and picked Oshawott. Otters forever.



  1. No way man, Snivy's where it's at. Smugleaf for life.