About Us

PK Gaming is a blog about video games in general and opinions on the game industry, game design, and gamer culture. Why is the blog called PK Gaming? Take a look at this post to find out.



Paleo is the founder of the blog and aspiring marine biologist and dolphin trainer. He's a big Nintendo fan who loves platformers and rhythm games. If a dolphin or whale appears in a game, it's automatically one of his favorites.


Ink is a graphic designer from New York who stays in his room and plays weeaboo RPGs all day everyday. He hates everything you like, so don't bother asking.


Primee is a Game Designer-in-training from Toronto who spends his days playing PC games on his Alienware computer, or playing obscure and underrated games on his xbox, like The Darkness. He loves attention, but will consider you an idiot regardless.


DrFink is not a real doctor. He is a filmmaker who will be double-dipping for a second degree in Radiation Therapy in the next couple months. He's a born and raised Nintendo gamer since 1989 but he'll play other consoles too. Some of all that money Iwata prints from his DS happens to be mine. Insert witty 'end sentence' here.