Sunday, October 31, 2010

Gaming Pumpkins

Here in the Eastern Time Zone, Halloween has less than two hours left. Still though, that's 100 minutes I have left to post this.

This year I decided to only do one Halloween pumpkin with a gaming theme, and I wasn't even able to do what I wanted to because of time constraints. Still though, I thought I'd post them and share my pumpkins with the readers and encourage you all to link to yours as well. If you're reading this after Halloween, just pretend it's a "Harvest Pumpkin" thread...

This year I did one as an owl (which I'll throw on at the bottom of this entry) and one of Commander Video from the Bit.Trip games. Here he's represented from his Runner stance but I was originally going to also cut out his standing stance on the left, his Fate 'leaping' stance from Fate, and then shave the pumpkin to allow for that rainbow type thing to shine through. Alas, I only had time for one, and the lines to emphasize my point. Still though, it was nice for a quick little job.

Last year I had more time, more pumpkins, and perhaps more ambition.

This one was my favorite and a completely original idea from me. The Cow from Harvest Moon.

Here I used the shaving technique and a framing-style to allow myself to have a solid cow but still have the thing nicely defined. I also did this Wario pumpkin (though admittedly from a stencil). It looked great on a pumpkin this size and shape.

Finally I did Totakeke, or K.K. Slider from Animal Crossing. He was simple but great nonetheless.

The year before that (or maybe it was two or three years) I also did this Hylian Crest Pumpkin. It was quite a hit back then and still people seem to love it now. I personally love how the light shines through, as if it were some activated crest from the game. The Legend of Zelda: The Pumpkin of TIme.

Many of my pumpkins can be seen as best-picks from the contest Kotaku did last year. The file names even say DrF so you know I'm not bullspitting you. So to finish this out, I want to ask anyone out there to link to their own works of art. Seeing other people's pumpkins is a great pleasure of mine, especially when they're gaming related. Again, if you're reading this after Halloween, just pretend it's open to holiday gourds. Happy Halloween everyone!

(Just an owl looking creepy, but believe me, I did consider Kaepora Gaebora...)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Why is the blog called PK Gaming?

Well, I was going to wait a little later to make this article, but I feel the timing is right. PK Gaming is actually an option for a special attack you can have in EarthBound. In the beginning of the game, you are asked what your favorite thing is, and if you choose 'Don't Care', one of the options that pops up is 'Gaming.' That will become your most powerful PSI (or PK) ability.

Though the blog is named after an attack that you can have in the game, I haven't played it... until now. It was my friend and co-editor Ink who thought of the name, because he is a fan of the series. I wanted to have the name of a power-up or attack like 'ScrewAttack', so I asked Ink about it, and figured that the underrated Mother series would probably have something we could use.

I felt really obligated to play the game all the way through since the blog is named after something from it. I started playing it sometime last week and just finished it yesterday. I have to say... I'm really satisfied with it, and I think I've been converted into a fan. I'm a bit ashamed that I never got to experience EarthBound as a kid. I feel like it would have really impacted my childhood.

Before I started playing though, I watched this video, which reinforced my decision to play it:

The video is pretty lengthy, but I encourage you to watch the video before commenting if you don't know anything about the series. It goes really in depth with the history of the series and the issues with bringing the series over to the U.S.

I'm going to start playing Mother 3 sometime this weekend. I'm really excited to see what kind of story I'm diving into... especially with a #3 spot on Destructoid's Top 50 Games of the last decade and what they say about it:

"Despite its completely retro (but gorgeous!) presentation, Mother 3 may have the most complex, mature, and heart-wrenching story of any videogame of the last decade. The tragically beautiful tale of Lucas, his family, and the complicated characters that surround them is both powerful and unbelievably emotional. If you haven’t played the game, you are missing out on an experience that you will never forget for the rest of your life."

"Mother 3 is a game that looks like it could have come out in the early ’90s, yet it sits high at the top of a list of the best games that came out in the new millennium. Despite all the advanced technology, it just goes to show you that, as long as a videogame has a strong story and great gameplay, it doesn’t matter how many polygons can be displayed on the screen at one time.

Mother 3 may be the last game of its kind to ever be released. It truly is something special."

Anyway... what do you readers think about the Mother series? It has one of the most dedicated fanbases of any Nintendo franchise... yet... they're usually snubbed aside. For Christ's sake, they're even working on a fan-game dubbed Mother 4. How many other fanbases have that much dedication? (Well, maybe Metroid because there is a project to make a fan-game which is basically Metroid Prime, but in the classic 2-D style... but I haven't heard anything from it in a long time.)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Review: Bit.Trip Fate

I got into the Bit.Trip series with Bit.Trip Runner earlier this year. The chiptune soundtrack and fun graphics, melded with the unique style of platforming gameplay really sucked me in and engulfed me. I was consumed by that game until I beat it, but not always a completionist, I didn't even try to best each level, despite knowing that's what the Bit.Trip games are really all about.

So when I heard of this next installment, I may have been behind on the storyline, which there is one. Still I didn’t care. I realized that my Wii’s storage space needed a bit of reorganizing but once I did that, I nabbed Bit.Trip Fate for a measly 800 points and 300 some odd blocks. The start-up screen was familiar and I heard that lovely little sound upon starting the game. For me, the music and sfx in these games is half the fun.

Again, like Runner, the menu was simple and I was able to jump right in. The first level is easy enough but I still found my head boggled as it tried to make sense of all the different projectiles and on-screen assets. I’m not one for shooters of this kind mind you. I like a good FPS but I never cared much for the on-rail shooters, nor the fixed-shooter classics like Galaga. Here I was, playing a mix of both the latter. Weirdly enough, I really enjoyed the mix of these two genres into one here. While the scrolling level reminded me of those damn annoying levels in Super Mario Bros. 3, I felt it was necessary to keep me from camping out in one spot. There was a lot of “dual viewing” from me, where I had to literally keep my eyes on two separate spots on the screen at the same time. It’s kind of like when you’re driving a car and focused on what’s in front of you and yet you subconsciously know what’s on the side of you at the edge of your vision. This really gets you focused into the action.

As the level progressed, I started getting new power-ups but not really being sure why. I saw Super Meat Boy in there helping out Commander Video, but I know little about him besides he’s the star of an upcoming (and equally intriguing) game. As you begin to learn the patterns of the enemies, you begin to develop a sixth sense and your own natural strategy begins to kick in. The game gradually picks up pace, even in the first level alone. Another fun thing about the game is how the enemies die to the music. Those little touches make these Bit.Trip games something special in that sense alone.

At the end of the level I fought a boss. The letters B.O.S.S. scrolled across the screen and I was giddy considering the excitement I remembered from the last time this happened, in Runner. I had a simple sin wave to move on while the boss could move any which way he pleased. Of course he had his patterns, both in movement and also in projectiles. It was easy to spot the patterns in this first round but in true Bit.Trip fashion, it was tricky to time it right and to slide past while still keeping your aim on the boss. Again, there was that dual viewing, keeping your eyes on two places at once.

I scored a whopping 57,316,500 points… who knows if this is good or not for the first level though. I’m not one to care about high scores ever, so I know that aspect of the game will go over my head. Still I know that those who do care about high scores will find this game to be perfect. Each run through even the same levels will come out a little different every time so there’s always room for improvement. That was a complaint I’ve heard with Runner, how Runner had a finite score for the end of a level. This was great for people who wanted to be completionists, but not for those who wanted to always be competing for the high scores. Bit.Trip Fate fixes that and goes back to the scoring style of the previous three games.
At least early on, I found the levels to be rather easy compared to the boss battles but really the trick there too is memorization. The overall difficulty seems to lie lower than Runner to a point but I think it's because you have more options on how to attack the levels themselves. There is still a lot of frustration that might be too annoying for some gamers. I teeter on that line, and I think in some weird way that's what keeps me coming back. These games are the kings of making me rage quit, I'll tell you that. Still though, I return.

All in all, I’m satisfied with my download and excited to proceed to the bitter end. The first three Bit.Trip games might have missed me but Runner and Fate have both capture my attention and I eagerly anticipate the sixth and final installment in the Bit.Trip series. Who knows though, there’s rumors they’re already working with the 3DS… which would be something incredible.

How badly did you beat my score? Tell me in the comments so I can try to one up you, only to be one upped back I’m sure.

The Verdict:

If you liked any of the previous Bit.Trip games, you'll likely enjoy this one too. Even as someone who isn't a fan of this genre, I still find myself invested in this title. Glad I picked it up and I thank Gaijin Games for being so fresh and unique in an all-too-often stale gaming market.

What I liked:
Continues the distinct graphical style of previous Bit.Trip games, gameplay is fun and mellow while being challenging and suspenseful.

What I didn't like:
Music is lacking, especially compared to the ear-sex of Runner.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Review: Comic Jumper

Ah, Twisted Pixel, how you've lightened up our day with your wonderful XBLA games... if only it were the same with this one. Taking the place of Captain Smiley, your comic is canceled due to a heavy dose of suckage, and are forced into bankruptcy. Luckily, the folks at Twisted Pixel (breaking the fourth wall) offer to help Captain Smiley gather enough money to reboot his comic, by guest-starring in other ones.

As I started the game, I immediately fell in love with the characters and dialogue (I'd love if they made a movie based on these characters), but the gameplay didn't immediately strike me as oh-so amazing. The premise is great, especially how it breaks the fourth wall and has tons of tongue-in-cheek humor pertaining to all the comic book cliches, especially during the second comic, where it's a take on old 50's comics, full of self-aware feminism and racism.

However, that's about where the gameplay makes you want to drive a drill through your temple, as it's a complete basic run and gun style sidescrolling with a few too many on-rails section. There's absolutely no variety and it's a terrible grind. Many of the sections have too many enemies at once, but even the best player will find even with full upgrades, it takes a little long to kill the enemies. Chances are, you get smacked around often, but even with great skill, you don't care enough to try your best.

The only thing that pushes you through the game is the eagerness to see the next bit for the story and dialogue. However, even in some sections it's a pain. For example, reaching the third comic, a manga, instead of just going with usual anime cliches, they surpass the stereotypes to the point where they're not even funny anymore, a-la Glee.

In there, as well, is probably one of the rare moments I've ever ragequit (keep in mind I still picked up the game a few hours later and beat it), where you fight a certain boss a second time. However, as you get it to near-death, it heals itself fully. Not once, but TWICE this ridiculous event happens. The worst part is your character complains how bullshit it is that it happened, as if it excuses it. It's like a chef serving a horrid meal, joking about how bad it tastes while you're eating it.

But, I digress, I'm just turning this into a rant.

The Verdict:

The characters and dialogue, once again, are comedic gold, and are worth the $15 to hear everything. At the most, I can only give a hesitant recommendation, just for everything but the gameplay, but don't blame me if you give up on some of the levels. It's sad to see things like this happen come from the company who brought in Splosion Man.

What I liked:
The characters, dialogue, the clever and creative visual and narrative styles used for the different comics

What I didn't like:
The repetitive, bland, grinding gameplay

Saturday, October 23, 2010

One Month

So... it's been a month since I started this blog with a few of my friends, so let's reflect on our small accomplishments so far.

Here's what we've done in the past month:

  • Three Reviews (All by Paleo)
  • Two Top 10 lists (One by Ink, One by Paleo)
  • Started 3 article series (One by Skye, One by Ink, One by  Paleo)
  • 9 miscellaneous posts, not including this one
  • Opened up an Amazon store.

I know, I know... this is filler, but I have writer's block. That's a good excuse, right? No? Well.... shut up...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Review: Kirby's Epic Yarn

If I had to describe Kirby's Epic Yarn in one word, it would be 'adorable.' This game is so cute I can't stand it. Actually, sometimes the cuteness can get a little tiring... maybe even sickening... but hey, it's Kirby. The reviews have mostly been absolute praise and I agree... mostly. Kirby's Epic Yarn is definitely a top notch game with a lot of gaming goodness that satisfied.

I was a bit taken aback when I heard that this game originally started out as a new intelligent property, because I really want to see some new IPs from Nintendo, but Kirby works well with this game since he's known for transformations. Kirby can't actually suck up enemies in the game, which is explained in the very first cut-scene, but he can still transform into a multitude of things.

There are two classes of abilities though, one class you can use any time and the other class you activate when you come across a circular patch. I won't spoil all of the things you get to turn into, but one of them I just have to mention, and is advertised right on the back of the box and in some other ads... A DOLPHIN! Kirby gets to change into a dolphin! Do you know how happy that makes me?! You don't? Oh, well... uh... moving on.

I actually played through the whole game with my good friend Tyler... that's right, it can be 2-player co-op throughout the whole game. The second player plays as the other main character, Prince Fluff. I feel like the game would have been more challenging if playing single-player though, because in some instances I was wondering how I would ever get to an area without the help of a buddy. 

The Verdict:

For the length and amount of content, it's pretty standard for a Kirby game, though I knew the ending was coming, I didn't want to quit playing. Gameplay-wise, this game nails it. The story is a bit childish, but again, what do you expect from Kirby? There is a father-like figure that voices over the cut-scenes, and at times I felt almost embarrassed watching them. Finally... the graphics... holy crap is this game beautiful and genius. I didn't know there were so many things you could do with fabric, yarn and buttons. I can see how this would have been a great IP if it weren't for Nintendo fearing that it wouldn't sell (I'm supposing that's the reason they made it a Kirby game). Oh, and did I mention that this game has some of the best piano-centric music ever composed for a video game? Well, it does.

What I Liked:
  • Amazing visual style
  • Two-player co-op throughout the whole game
What I Didn't Like:
  • Story-time Dad

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Review: Picross 3D

Hm, it's been about three weeks since the first review on the site, so I thought I would go ahead and make another. The reviews may be scattered like this until we get more editors.

Well, here is my opinion on Picross 3D. Now, I didn't actually 'complete' the game. As in, doing every single puzzle, but I just about have. I figured I would write a review while I'm still into the game rather than after I've finished it and forgotten about it.

I bought this back when it came out in May so I could have a new game to play on the plane ride to my vacation to San Diego. I feel like I made the right choice because the puzzles lasted me a lot longer than I thought they would. I've been playing the game off and on since then, and it's always good to get my thoughts flowing after a hard puzzle.

I never played the original Picross DS, but I have played an online version of Picross called HeroGlyphix, and I recommend anyone to go play it on that site! The original Picross deals with a square of a certain size and amount of squares inside of it. There are numbers on the edges of each row and column to give you clues as to what squares are part of the image you're trying to uncover. Picross 3D is basically the same concept, but with an added dimension, depth, and instead of just having numbers on the rows and columns, there are hints on every face of the cube or rectangular prism that you are working on.

In pretty much every case, I was able to figure out the puzzles by using logic techniques the game taught me in the beginning levels. There are some however, that have me scratching my head and force me to guess. I'm not sure if I just ran out of logic to go on, or I'm just not seeing the clue that's so obvious to someone else. I have gone back to puzzles that have given me trouble before to get a better star rating on them to unlock more puzzles, and I think to myself, 'Why did I have trouble with this?'

The difficulty curve in the game is quite balanced. There is never a time that I thought a puzzle that I was on was too hard for the level. There's also the shear amount of puzzles that makes this game last so long. You can also create your own puzzles and not only that, the game allows you to download more from either the official source or from your friends.

The Verdict:
Overall, the game's amount of content and the very smooth difficulty curve allows me to recommend Picross 3D to everyone.

What I liked:

  • Amount of content
  • Balanced difficulty
  • Virtually limitless replayability

What I didn't like:

  • Some puzzles go over my head, and I have to guess

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Paleo's Backlog: 10/10/10 Edition

I thought I would make a list of the top 10 games I need to play in my backlog to celebrate 10/10/10, which is also my father's birthday! He's 49 years old and we're spending a few days at the beach to celebrate. Anyway, here is a list of 10 games that I believe I should really play but have yet to pick them up or have just barely touched them.

10. X-COM: UFO Defense

I bought this game in a bundle with 4 other X-COM games. I've never played X-COM before, but a lot of PC game enthusiasts have told me that it's an essential strategy game to play. I don't know why I haven't played it yet.

9. Hotel Dusk: Room 215

This is one of the games in my list that I don't actually have anymore, but am willing to buy back. (There are 3 others coming up in the list.) I bought it while on a splurge and I just never picked it up. I wanted money for some other games, so I traded it in. I never really gave this game a chance. I'm so ashamed!

8. Condemned: Criminal Origins

I actually recieved this as a gift from a friend, and he mentioned that it's his favorite game of all time. I feel bad that I only played it for a little more than half an hour, so I feel obliged that I should buy it back (yes, this is one of the others I sold).

7. Custom Robo Arena

I was playing this one for a while until I just... quit for no apparent reason. It's not that I was stuck, I just... stopped playing. This happens to me with handheld games quite a lot. I wonder why?

6. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl

I have a legitimate reason for this one. I don't think I'll be able to play the majority of this game with the laptop that I play my games on. I may have to wait until I get a better gaming PC. Don't blame me! Blame Ink! He's the one who bought it for me!

5. Killer7

This is the 3rd one that I sold. I played it very shortly one day and... was very confused. I really want to play it though because it's directed by Suda51, the mind behind No More Heroes, and I LOVE No More Heroes.

4. Mega Man 9

I have this on WiiWare, and I keep coming back to it... but it's just... so hard. I never actually sit down and take my time to try to get skilled at the game. It's a habit I should really try to form as a gamer.

3. Psychonauts

I bought this on Steam for 2 bucks, and I haven't even installed it. What the hell is wrong with me?

2. Monster Hunter Tri

I really wanted to have this game, and my good friend Tyler gave it to me because he bought it, but didn't really enjoy it. Unfortunately... I haven't played it much. I keep telling myself that I'm going to ask some of the guys at the Negative World forums to join me online, but I think to myself, 'maybe later' every time!

1. Okami

I am soooo ashamed of this one.... and get this... this is the final one on the list that I sold. PLEASE DON'T HURT ME! *hides*

Top Ten Games You Probably Never Heard Of

So in celebration of 10/10/10, our malevolent admin Paleo is making us do top ten lists.
I'm doing mine on awesome games you've probably never even heard of, in absolutely no particular order.

10. Giants: Citizen Kabuto (PC)
Giants: Citizen Kabuto is a third-person shooter with strategy elements. Doesn't sound too exciting, but the humor is great and the plot is engaging. Each race is diverse and plays differently from the others, and becomes a new experience for each faction you control. Sadly, the game gets a tad monotonous during the later stages.
9. MDK (PC)
Murder Death Kill, one of Shiny Entertainment's best games. It's a first person shooter, but your character, Kurt, has the ability to snipe from very long ranges. The graphics are unique in the fact that most objects are just 2D sprites rendered from 3D models, like in Donkey Kong Country. This also made the game less taxing on slower computers, due to the reduced requirements. The humor was great and the weapons were zany. Who wouldn't want the World's Smallest Nuke?
8. Sky Odyssey (PS2)
The cover art looks pretty intense, huh? Well you're right, but not intense in the way you'd think. Sky Odyssey is a flight simulator. No combat ever plays out during the game. It's mainly about going from point A to point B, while flying across treacherous hazards such as rock slides. Sky Odyssey isn't the prettiest game; It was an early Playstation 2 title and there's a fairly short draw distance. The best part? The music is composed by Kow Otani, of Shadow of the Colossus fame, and it's just as beautiful here as it is in SotC.
7. Okage: Shadow King (PS2)
Alright. This game can really only be described as "Earthbound meets Nightmare Before Christmas". It's an incredibly quirky RPG about a boy whose shadow becomes the avatar for Evil King Stan. Yes, Stan. You have to set out and destroy the other evil kings who have usurped Stan's position, taking the title of evil king for themselves. The music is very nice, and the art style is actually inspired by the Nightmare Before Christmas. The only really bad part about this game is the awful battle system, but if you can tolerate that, it's a fun play.
6. Seek and Destroy (PS2)
Originally released as a budget title, it soon became a favorite of mine. It's a game about adorable tanks. Fighting other equally adorable tanks. Everybody is a tank in this game, including the priests and civilians. The best part of the game is the customization, allowing you to modify any real-world tank and giving it insane weapons. Is that a chainsaw on your M1A1? Why yes. Yes it is.
5. Opoona (Wii)
Opoona is developed by ArtePiazza, known for having helped develop many of the Dragon Quest games, and it shows. The game is an RPG that can be played one-handed with the nunchuck. It's a very casual, fun sort of game, where you take jobs and perform them. The game has alright pacing, but it's easy to get lost, even with a map. Also, no waggling for all of you anti-waggling Wii owners out there.
4. Prey the Stars (DS)
Also known as OM NOM NOM - The Game. It's a very quirky party game about four space dogs who go to earth to devour everything in sight. Each item they devour makes them larger, and the object is to become the largest. People liken it to Katamari Damacy without the rolling.
3. Lugaru HD (PC)
This is a game about ninja bunnies. That's the basic premise, and yet it works so well. Lugaru HD is a 3D combat game where you control a rabbit capable of performing insane acrobatic moves and attacks with just three buttons. Each button does many things depending on context, and you're free to create your own fighting style. The graphics might turn off some, but then they'd be missing out on a game where you can drop-kick a wolf into the stratosphere.
2. The Neverhood (PC)
The Neverhood is a classic in of itself. It's an adventure game sort of in the vein of Myst, but with Doug TenNapel's artistic flair. The entire world is made of clay, giving it a quirky, alien feeling as you control Klaymen and explore the various places in The Neverhood. The puzzles are Myst-inspired, but the smooth animation and funky music are definitely something unique that only the creator of Earthworm Jim could do.
1. Messiah (PC)
Messiah is a very zany game. You play as a cherub named Bob, sent to earth by God to cleanse the sins of mankind. The game has a distinct cyberpunk theme, contrasting the happy, cheery angel you play as. Bob can possess people and animals to infiltrate areas or to take out a target. The levels are very open and it's very easy to get lost in them, but it's a very amusing game nonetheless.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Gameplay Concepts: Exploration

Wow, 5 days since an article, that's too many. Well, let's see where this goes!

I thought I would whip up another running series of articles called 'gameplay concepts.' These articles will be about the ideas in games which make them fun. The first concept I would like to talk about is exploration.

Exploration can be a very enjoyable experience during gameplay if its pulled off the right way. In most games, exploration is completely optional, and it's a second thought for most people, but in some games, exploration is the key to gameplay.

Exploring the environment in Shadow of the Colossus is completely optional, but damn, is it beautiful.
When exploring a game's environment, the player looks for something to progress the game's story or objective. It's important for the designer to make this exploration an enjoyable experience, especially if the game relys on the concept for it to succeed.

Endless Ocean relies on the player to explore to advance the story and complete the map.
A genre of 3-D games that utilize this exploration are sometimes called 'sandbox' games. Most people are familiar with Grand Theft Auto in this genre, but not only sandbox games do this. There is a genre of 2-D exploration games which resemble the classic Metroid and Castlevania games called Metroidvanias.

Roaming the city to gawk at the environment in GTA is my favorite part of the game.
Metroidvanias usually give the player the option to explore the entire environment once they unlock all the abilities the games gives them. A couple of games that aren't Metroid or Castlevania that show this kind of exploration gameplay include the independently developed Cave Story and the Xbox Live Arcade title Shadow Complex, and I would recommend playing both. Some Metroidvanias are more linear than others, but they still hold the same gameplay.

It's available on WiiWare right now, go buy it!
There's also a very short flash game that I think shows off this concept of exploration really well. The game is called Small Worlds and you can play it on Armor Games. It only takes around 15 or 20 minutes to play, go ahead and play it to see what I mean about exploration!

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Remember when dinosaurs were the talk of the town? Like in the mid and late 90's where we had games from the Jurassic Park franchise, Turok, and Dino Crisis? What happened to all the games with dinosaurs? Well, thankfully, I see another era of dino-based games arising. After the failed attempt to revive the Turok franchise by large game companies, I think it's up to indie developers to bring back dinosaurs in gaming.

A nice try... but not good enough.
There are a couple of games I see in development that may help this trend, and the first one is actually a mod that will be available on Steam sometime this year. It's called Dino D-day and it has a very ridiculous setting that I love. You fight against Nazi dinosaurs. They even tell you on their website: 'Nazis. Dinosaurs. what more do you need?' It calls for all sorts of awesome.

All sorts of awesome.
The second game is something I just found out about recently, and it has a very similar premise to the game Depth that I talked about in an earlier article. This game is called Primal Carnage, and it's a class-based game where there are two teams, one team of humans, and one team of dinosaurs. The humans have to get to the capture point before the dinosaurs tear them to shreds. Below is a 'Nemesis' diagram that shows you which class has advantage over the other.

And finally, here is a video teaser for the 'tank' class of the dinosaurs, T-Rex of course:

As you know, if you don't already, I'm called 'Paleo' because I love paleontology, so all of this is very exciting for me. So... what do you all think about this trend? Am I right, or am I just hopefully dreaming of a new trend in games to take the zombie's spot? I know there are other games that feature dinosaurs that I haven't talked about, and please mention them! I would welcome a change, especially if it means fighting against or playing as dinosaurs.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

It's like a time machine, but with games!

During most of the 90s, my parents were Mac users. For all we were concerned about, Windows 95 didn't exist and OS 9 was the wave of the future. Of course, I missed out on the best part- the games. Fallout, Dune II, Baldur's Gate, Mechwarrior, DOOM, and many other awesome games had been released while I became a Vidmaster in Marathon. This trend continued into the early 2000s. We had a Windows 98 computer then, but my 12-year-old self barely even knew any of the fantastic PC games being released. While people's minds were getting blown with Quake, my brother and I were madly building bases and sending waves of troops at each other in Command and Conquer.
I blame this game for giving me an obsession with heavy metal and industrial.

Fortunately, several services exist (such as Good Old Games and Steam) offer older games in their lineup, so at the very least it saves a lot of time and money in actually acquiring a game that might be rare or out of print. Slowly, but surely, I'm filling in that 10+ year gap when games actually had effort put into them, and were not constantly pumping out sequel after sequel of bland gameplay elements with nothing else going for them but graphics (I'm not saying that newer games are bad, just the ones I don't like.). When the new stuff doesn't cut it, turn to something old you never got a chance to play. I'm half an hour into Arcanum and already it's better than Final Fantasy as a whole.

I'm a half-ogre mad doctor wielding a rapier and a flintlock pistol. All kinds of awesome.