Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Off Topic: A personal note and new blog

If you visited the blog tonight, you might have noticed that I made a new links box on the upper right corner of the page. Under it is the Negative World forums that Dr. Fink and I frequent, and another blog... but what is it?

Well... back when I created this blog last September... which... seems so long ago now, I had intentions to create another blog along with it, one that would get myself motivated for my future. Like it says in my blurb in the about us page, I'm an aspiring marine biologist and I mustn't forget that. I do love gaming, possibly more than a lot of other people, but I also love the ocean... again, possibly more than others. Managing these two major interests can be quite difficult though, and it was my original intention to create two blogs that complemented each other: one about science, and the other about gaming/technology.

I wanted to keep this short, so I'll stop myself before I start rambling. Basically, the new blog is something to keep me focused on the more practical goals I have in life, but that's not to say I won't still post here often. If you'd like to check out the new blog, click the link right over there in the upper right corner or... click this caption under the picture of the beautiful animal I named the new blog after:

Steno bredanensis

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