Monday, January 17, 2011

PK Gaming Podcast: Episode 2 Part 1

Good evening everyone! This is the first part of Episode 2 of the PK Gaming Podcast. We decided to split up this episode (though we recorded it in one night) for ease of downloading what you might find interesting.

This episode stars me, Kaise, and Paleo talking yet again about gaming. You'll find that Paleo received a new headset and can be clearly heard and the audio static is greatly reduced. Yet I sound pretty quiet! Seems like I need to invest in better equipment, so please bear with the fact that my audio level is lower than the rest. We'll work on that for the next podcast.

Expect part two of the podcast on Wednesday (and it's significantly longer) with part three arriving on friday. We dive into more great gaming goodness in those.

Also, don't forget to write in with questions or comments and we'd love to address them on future shows! Send questions or comments about the podcast (or the site) to

Finally, Last week's episode featured some great music. Each time we post a new podcast, we'll explain what music we borrowed from in the previous podcast so that you all can know what that great song you heard was. Podcast 001 feature the theme to Grandia as well as the TV theme for Samurai Pizza Cats (though that was a bit obvious).

In this part of Episode 2 we talk about;
What We Got For The Holidays
New Year's Resolutions (Gaming and In General)

Download the episode here!

PK Gaming Podcast Episode 002 Part 1
(Click on the Orange "Download" Button to Begin Download)

(P.S. I know how convoluted this download method is. We're working on a new solution.)

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