Sunday, January 16, 2011

PK Gaming Podcast: Episode 1

Welcome to a new upcoming feature here at PK Gaming!
This is the PK Gaming Podcast!

Paleo, Kaise, Ink, and I recorded this pilot episode weeks ago but because we're new at this it took some time to figure stuff out. We're still not even done figuring this out. Soon we hope to have the podcasts posted regularly as well as better hosted than on Sendspace. Soon we want it on iTunes and elsewhere but for now we're just going to put it as a download link. If anyone out there knows how to set up podcasts for iTunes (meta tagging and what not), we would love some knowledge on that. Anyway, We hope you download it and enjoy. If you listen, we'll keep making it better and better (well, we'll try even if you don't listen). Also, write in with questions or comments and we'd love to address them on future shows! Send questions or comments about the podcast (or the site) to

So please listen, and stay tuned, for more PK Gaming Podcasts in the future.

In this nearly two-hour episode, topics include;
Our Gaming Background
Kinect and Motion Gaming
The Length of Games
What We're Playing

Download the episode here!
(Click on "Regular Download" and then
on the next page click on the Orange "Download" Button to Begin Download)

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