Monday, January 31, 2011

Gaming Reference: The Colbert Report

This is a quick new article type you'll see around here at PK Gaming. I, DrFink, watch a good amount of television. I fit it all in by watching (or more like listening rather) while doing other stuff and even if the content gets boring, one thing always perks my head up... a Gaming Reference.

Last week I was watching an episode of The Colbert Report from January 24th, 2011. In it, Stephen interviews a controversial writer named Amy Chua. She has specific views about child raising, specifically about being a bit of a hard-ass. She had this to say;

"I think if you give a five-year-old, or an eight-year-old, free choice; pursue your passions today; I think that's going to be video games for five hours. So, I was more restrictive of those choices.

Colbert refuted...

"But they will school you in Halo."

Whether you're a fan of Comedy Central's mock-Republican comedy show that Stephen puts on, it's still certainly fun to have video games referenced out of the blue. Stephen Colbert actually made a Donkey Kong reference just a week or two before this one. So keep a look out for more in the future folks!

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