Monday, January 24, 2011

PK Gaming Podcast: Episode 2 Part 3

It was a little late on the delivery but here is the final chapter in the second episode of the PK Gaming Podcast. This part of the episode was about an hour and forty minutes long. (You see why we're splitting them up now?) Be sure to listen after the end music for a little piece of discussion not fit for the main podcast... but if there's any fans of the furry out there, it might be something you can relate with.

You can write in with questions or comments as we'd love to address them on future shows! Send questions or comments about the podcast (or the site) to We'd like to answer some perhaps in future shows.

In this part of Episode 2 we talk about;
Hopes for the Future: 2011

Download the episode here!

PK Gaming Podcast Episode 002 Part 3
(Click on the Orange "Download" Button to Begin Download)

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