Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wallpaper Wednesday: A Puppy, a Demon, and a Ghost walk into a bar...

Welcome to Wallpaper Wednesday! The place where I showcase various gaming wallpapers.

Now, maybe I'm just feeling guilty it's nearly thursday, or maybe I just am feeling generous but I have multiple tonight, a bonus if you will. They wont ALWAYS be Nintendo-related but I haven't come across much that wasn't Nintendo that I liked.



This one I just found nice in its simplicity and cuteness, based on the upcoming game I believe.


Majora's Self

This was a different kind of Majora's Mask wall than I'm used to seeing. Spoiler alert though... (come on now, it's been 11 years).


Haunting Haunter

This one is just plain creepy in an awesome way.

Hope this'll last you!

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