Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Top 7 Most Ridiculous Rhythm Game Stages

I love story-based rhythm games. They're kooky, crazy, and incredibly fun. They're also pretty short, probably taking an hour to beat depending on your skill. This is just a few of the ridiculous stages the genre throws at you.

#7: Rhythm Heaven - Munchy Monk 2

We're starting with a relatively tame one. A monk eating dumplings while his mustache grows ids tame, right?

#6: Space Channel 5 - Michael Jackson dance-off

To save the galaxy's broadcast stations from the evil villainous Blank, Ulala must save Space Michael Jackson in a dance-off with television aliens. Yep.

#5: Elite Beat Agents - Survivor

A Duke Nukem-styled character tries to destroy the zombie menace. Alright, it's strange for a rhythm game, but not too far-off. Then you realize that he's using peanuts as ammo. Let's rock.

#4: Gitaroo Man - Mojo King Bee

Battling a man dressed as a bee with a guitar isn't normal. In Gitaroo Man it is.

#3: Parappa the Rapper - Bathroom Rap

It gets even weirder in Cool mode, where he has to chase a toilet while rapping in a psychedelic tunnel. Seriously, what?

#2: UmJammer Lammy - Baby Baby!

Clearly the most logical way to deal with unruly children is to play them like a guitar. Not to mention the creepy caterpillar nurse.

#1: Gitaroo Man - Sambone Trio

A kid and his robotic jukebox dog battle against techno-skeletons by using Spanish guitarra skills. My personal favorite stage in this game, mostly due to how ridiculous it gets.

These stages are the main reason why I want to see story-based rhythm games make a comeback. They're absurd and novel, and just plain fun once you get over the weird.

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