Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Hey, look, it's a name you're not used to seeing! I hang out with Paleo and the others at Negative World, and I was attracted by the freedom this site provides, which led me to become a contributor.

I was born October 1st, 1990 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I lived there until the age of 10, when my family moved to Orlando, Florida in the States because of my dad's job. Then, at the age of 19 (last year), after finishing high school and taking a gap year, I moved back to Argentina to study what we call Social Communication here in the University of Belgrano (And part of me missed this country. I kind of never wanted to move in the first place). Anyway, it truly was less hectic than it sounds.
But I doubt you care about any of that. I'm not going to talk about my life on the site - I'm going to talk about video games! Maybe other entertainment mediums too, but mostly video games. My gaming life didn't start off on the right foot; I was a Sega kid. My first system was a Genesis. I played the hell out of Sonic 1, Tiny Toons, Lion King, Ristar, Sonic 2, and more. It was a good time, but I never owned a classic NES or SNES. All the games I love from those systems (I honestly believe my life wouldn't be the same if I played one of my favorite games of all-time, Super Metroid, as a kid), I played many years later.

However, I never got a Sega Saturn, or a Dreamcast. My brother bought me a Nintendo 64 for my birthday and I never looked back. Super Mario 64 was cool, but what really sealed the deal for me was Banjo Kazooie. I had never played anything that amazing in my life. That's what made me a believer in Nintendo.

Well, no, it wasn't. At least not entirely. It helped tremendously, but here's what sold my soul to Nintendo: I got a Game Boy soon after its launch. You know where this is going - I got Pokemon Red. My life was changed forever. The anime and the trading cards helped, but the games were always, even as a kid, what truly made me love the franchise. To this day, Pokemon is my favorite gaming franchise; I played through Pokemon Black/White in its entirety twice and I plan on starting a third playthrough soon.

Since the Nintendo 64 I've owned every Nintendo system to come out (except the 3DS, I don't think it's worth it yet. I'll buy it when Star Fox 64 comes out, though), plus a PS2 and a PS3. My favorite gaming franchises are Pokemon, Metroid, and classic Sonic at the very top, then I also enjoy Star Fox, Mario, Zelda, Jak & Daxter, Donkey Kong Country, Sly Cooper, Pikmin, and many more. Like I said, mostly Nintendo ones.

Anyway, that's enough of my ramblings. Like I said, I like the writing freedom this site offers, and the editors are really cool guys, so I'm sold. You'll see me write, um, stuff in the future. Mostly Reviews and News. I like those. And the occasional feature. Smell ya later!

I included random pictures of things I like in this piece.

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  1. Welcome GE. I was psyched to hear you were joining us!