Friday, May 27, 2011

My New Addiction: Minecraft

I'm probably the last person to buy minecraft, but boy, have I fallen in love with it. I understand why people like it so much now. I first bought it a couple weeks ago when my friend Tyler mentioned he was going to start playing it, so I joined him and a few other friends on a multiplayer survival server to see what it was all about... and I had a ton of fun. Unfortunately the server went down a few times, and I didn't take any screenshots, but still- Minecraft is fun. Just trying to gather materials to survive in the world is one of the aspects of the game I find exhilarating. Another thing I love about it is how every world you start is randomly generated, and exploring that world, finding different biomes and formations.

The game runs pretty well on my netbook, but I can only set the render distance to normal and the graphics to fast. Sometimes my netbook reboots itself as well when I multitask too much... but I'll get more into that later, I'll probably get a desktop sometime over the summer so I can continue to play PC games.


Yeah... Minecraft... it's awesome. If you haven't bought it yet, do so now.

And I made this anthro Dragonair skin for myself, check it out:

Senor Boligrafo is Ink by the way.

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