Monday, April 11, 2011

PK Gaming Podcast: Episode 3 Part 1

Well, we finally recorded our third podcast this past weekend, with me, your host, Paleo, and starring Ink, our new editor Mr. Saturn (he's added later in the podcast runtime), and special guest Pandareus from the Negative World forums. The podcast isn't happening quite as often as I'd like it to, which is apparent how I feel when we start talking about the blog and the other podcast I've been in. Hopefully, since the college semester is coming to a close, maybe we won't have these huge gaps like this over late spring and summer.

By the way, if you listeners have any option where we can archive our podcasts, please tell us. Right now we're just using sendspace and the unfortunate thing with that is the fact that our files will be deleted after a certain period. (We still have the podcasts, we just need a place to store them indefinitely.)

If you have any questions about the podcast or the site in general, please e-mail us at

In this part of Episode 3:
How PK Gaming is doing/Weekly Articles
The Nintendo 3DS

Download the episode here!

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  1. Heh, kind of weird hearing myself. Also I'm sorry for talking over others, as I was quite nervous. I hope I got better as the cast went on.

    Also I dunno how much it'll help but I found this site that might work for longer term podcast hosting for you.