Friday, April 1, 2011

Flash Friday Temporarily Suspended

(This isn't an April Fool's joke, it really is suspended.)

I usually don't have trouble with finding Flash games. I sometimes have trouble finding Flash games to present on Friday. The main reason I created this feature was to have something weekly on the site, and it helped me come up with other ideas for weekly articles. Unfortunately, this feature, unlike the other ones, had a bit of limited number of articles I could make due to the amount of "good" Flash games I have encountered. There are a lot more Flash games out there yes... but... who am I kidding, I'm lazy, I feel this might be a time to reflect on what I've presented so far, and may give me time to find some more Flash games to feature in the near future.

There have been 20 Flash Fridays so far, here is a list of links to each one, ordered from when they were posted:

11/12/10: Upgrade Complete!
11/19/10: Dino Run
11/26/10: Achievement Unlocked
12/3/10: Ant Buster
12/10/10: One Chance
12/17/10: Tower of Heaven
12/24/10: Mountain Maniac
12/31/10: Miami/Sydney Shark
1/7/11: Dolphin Olympics
1/14/11: Infectonator World Dominator
1/21/11: Small Worlds
1/28/11: Exctinct! Are you smarter than a plant?
2/4/11: Realm of the Mad God
2/11/11: Covetous
2/18/11: Meat Boy
2/25/11: The Majesty of Colors
3/4/11: How to Raise a Dragon
3/11/11: Robot Dinosaurs That Shoot Beams When They Roar
3/18/11: I Love Traffic
3/25/11: Icycle

I hope you have all enjoyed what I've shared with you so far. I'm not sure when I'll start up Flash Friday again, but it won't be suspended for more than a month at least. I just need some time to play more Flash games.

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  1. My game titled ' Perfect Landing' is also cool