Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Songs that should be in Rock Band: The Chain & Gypsy

Well, since I had trouble last week with my laptop, I'm going to present two songs today. Though it's not out of the ordinary, since I do present a few songs when talking about one band that hasn't been in Rock Band before, but today, it's about a band that has been in, and just had a pack of songs released a couple of weeks ago. I'm talking about Fleetwood Mac. A pack was released recently with a few of their hits along with a couple of solo works from Stevie Nicks, but there were two really big hit songs that were left out: The Chain and Gypsy.

I've always loved Fleetwood Mac, but never really knew it until I started getting into music a few years ago. I think these two songs will be a very welcome addition to the Rock Band library, and I actually think they probably have them on hold, but may be using them for something bigger.

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