Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Mega Man Haikus

Recently, over at the fantastic Negative World forums, there was a holiday contest by the owner of the site, Zero. He asked the users to create haikus based on Mega Man bosses. He was to judge them and the top three would win a WiiWare game from him. Many entered with great entries and as a user of those forums myself, I wanted to display some of my personal favorites. I entered too but with a lackluster entry. I was so busy the past few weeks I completely forgot to put a legitimate try out there. Oh well. There were no lack of great entries and I encourage anyone who loves video games, Nintendo especially, to go sign up at the Negative World forums. It's a great group, especially if your favorite forums have died out over the past few years.

A haiku of course for those who don't know is a kind of poem which is comprised of three lines. The first and last lines are five syllables long and the second line is seven syllables long. Now, enjoy the haikus.

by GelatinousEncore
Space is infinite
We are insignificant
Why do we matter?
- Galaxy Man

by TriforceBun
People say I'm lame
but when Hanukkah rolls by
guess who gets called first.
- Top Man

by Abdooooo
Bored in my locked room
Waiting for the man in blue
I'm droppin' da bomb
- Crash Man

by Roykoopa64
Razor sharp and slick
You enter as one but now
A million pieces
- Blade Man

by anon_mastermind
Vengeful attraction
Will thus determine your fate
Now that we are near
- Magnet Man

by Mr_Mustache
Metool for a hat
Big construction is my game
I hope I'm not first
- Gutsman

by ludist210
Haikus are silly
Sometimes they don't make much sense
- Clown Man

So what did you all think of the entries? Have any of your own? Think you can do better? Notice I didn't add mine? There's a reason for that. Aw hell, I'll do it. Again, I didn't aim high with this one.

by DrFinkelstein
How much Wood could a
Wood Man chuck if a Wood Man
could chuck some wood? None.
- Wood Man

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