Saturday, December 11, 2010

Diary of a Rookie: Monster Hunter Tri, Part 2

Part 1

So... it seems like I'm really starting to get the hang of things with Monster Hunter. It took me a while to realize that this game treats your character, not as a person who gets stronger with the monsters he defeats, but gets stronger with the armor and weapons you have equipped, and the player will actually need to know the monsters' movements and attack patterns to get further in the game. It seems like I'm starting to grow as a player rather than my character just leveling up like in any other action RPG. My knowledge of the items to bring on a quest and the combos I can perform when attacking and dodging are starting to accumulate.

I realized that I was growing as a player rather than my character growing when I arrived at the quest titled, 'Dragon Lady' where I have to slay a dragon by the name of Rathian. During the first couple of bouts, I fainted pretty quickly, my strategy wasn't really fleshed out, and I was only using the standard sword and shield, which I had gotten so used to that I didn't want to change weapons. I remembered though, that I could get materials to make a new weapon that I had just unlocked a few quests back. It was a long sword, and I thought it could help me with slaying the Rathian.

This is part of Monster Hunter's uh... grind. Instead of grinding to increase your level, you gather materials to make better armor and weapons. Luckily, the materials I needed were pretty easy to get, and only somewhat rare. Once I was finished with that, I was ready to forge my new weapon and try it out. With this new weapon, I was able to do a lot more damage, but my maneuveurability was down, but not by as much as it would if I were using a great sword. When trying it out on a Great Jaggi, to my surprise, I was able to paralyze it. Then I realized that there was a small meter under my weapon's sharpness that was displayed. Apparently, I can fill that meter (called the 'Spirit Gauge', something only long swords have) by attacking and pulling off combos, and then I can unleash a 'Spirit Blade' attack, and with my long sword's attribute, it allows for a chance to paralyze the monster I'm attacking.

No problem for my new long sword!
After realizing the hidden power of the long sword, I was ready to face the Rathian. Everything was going quite well to begin with, but... unfortunately, I failed... but I was so close! I was almost able to slay the Rathian, and there were only 5 minutes left on the quest and I was on my last continue, but I fainted one last time with the swipe of her tail that I had just cut partly off. Again, this was an instance when I realized that I was growing as a player.

You're in a better place now, Rathian... and in pieces... in my item box.
Yesterday, I woke up ready to face off against her again, but this time, I was going to win. I started some laundry, had a bite to eat and then booted up Monster Hunter Tri. Before starting the quest, I gathered as much materials I as could so I could heal myself throughout the fight, and I also brought a couple of traps along so I could get some damage in quickly. I was very cautious this time and aimed for her weak spots. This time, I took out her tail much quicker, and then focused on her weakest parts, which were her neck and head. With a bit of precision and careful maneveuring, I was able slay the Rathian and complete the quest. After my quest, both literally and symbollically with learning as player, I was back in the village... and since I had just completed all of the level 4 quests, I was asked to do an urgent one. It's now time to face the Lagiacrus... and he's angry at the last time I repelled him from attacking the village, and he's directing his rage at me... oh boy...

"Come at me, bro"

Part 3

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  1. Glad to see you're growing so much as a Monster Hunter! Glad to have one working on the site incase any monsters try to wreak their havoc!