Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Haul and Happy New Year! (Plans for next year included)

I feel bad for not posting as often as I wanted to on the blog I founded, hopefully that will change next year.

Anyway, I guess I'll tell what I got for Christmas from my aunt and uncle and my father. Well, I received from my aunt and uncle the new 250 GB model Xbox 360, so I finally have one once again. With that, I also got Rock Band 3 with the keyboard from my father. My aunt and uncle also gave my dad and I a Samsung HDTV they had in storage. Along with those things, some minor things I got was a new watch from my mom and a new headset. That headset will come in handy for something new we have planned for the site next year. (I'll give you a hint, it starts with a 'pod' and ends with a 'cast').

We have a few things planned to get rolling next month, it may not get done in January, but we will definitely get these things started next year:

-PK Gaming Podcast
-Game of the Year awards (Mostly a personal GOTY awards type thing for each of us.)
-A Hall of Fame of some sort

That's all I have to post for now, I hope all you readers have enjoyed PK Gaming's birth in the later half of this year, and I hope you continue to follow us! Also, tell us what you might have received over the holidays and have a very happy new year!

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