Friday, June 10, 2011

What Other Games Could Get the 3D Classics Treatment?

With Nintendo releasing remakes of classic games on the 3DS that utilize a 3D effect into them to give them a feeling of depth, aka Excitebike, I've got to thinking what kind of games would also be neat to have this effect. A general conclusion I've come up with is that games with isometric 3D perspectives (think Super Mario RPG) could use this to great effect but what other games could really make a fun use of the 3D Classics treatment. Mind you this is just speculation on how the 3D treatment would actually affect a game and may have no basis in reality.

- 3D World Runner and Rad Racer - NES

I'm putting these two games together for two reasons: they are both Square made games and also had 3D modes with the classic stereoscopic (blue and red glasses style) 3D. They are also fun games in their own right that have gone forgotten in the 20+ years that each were released. 3D World Runner could make some of the trickier jumping sections easier with 3D and Rad Racer could make it easier to judge distances between you and the cars.

- R.C. Pro-Am - NES

This is one of the first games I thought of when I thought of the isometric perspective thing. 3D could make the cars seem to pop out like you are actually controlling little RC cars.

- Star Fox

This one should seem obvious to anyone. Of course this presumes that Nintendo is going to try this for Super NES games and we haven't even seen Star Fox on the Wii VC yet. But with Star Fox 64 3D coming out Nintendo may give Star Fox the treatment and give a classic game the respect it deserves. That would be a great thing to do to coincide with the release of Star Fox 64 3D.

- Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island - SNES

Another Super FX game that would use it in a different way than Star Fox. While Yoshi's Island does have many polygonal objects the use of the SFX chip on the sprites would be even cooler. You know those chomps that jump from the background to the foreground at you? Think how cool that could be in 3D? The last fight with Bowser? Awesome. There are many possibilities for this criminally not already on the VC game.

- Super Metroid - SNES

This isn't as obvious as Star Fox or Yoshi's Island but a game as atmospheric and moody as Super Metroid could really increased with some subtle implementation of the 3D effect. Since the 3D Classic treatment seems to include adding new sprites to help, maybe adding more background and foreground sprites as well as putting 3D on Samus' weapons and abilities. Who knows?

These are only a few ideas I've come up with and I'm sure there are even more, better, ideas than mine. So if you got any, say what. Could be cool.

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