Sunday, June 5, 2011

What I Am Looking Forward to From E3

Admittedly I don't get too excited about E3, most of the stuff that is shown is usually a year or so away but there are always a few things to get eager about prior and I thought I'd make a list of the 5 things I'm very eager to see more of this year.

5 Things I Want to See At E3

- Upcoming 3DS games both carts and downloads

With the 3DS Virtual Console and Ware service due to come online this week (I believe), we could see the 3DS start shifting into gear as far as games goes as the system so far has started slowly. Not only that I want to see more information on new games that like Paper Mario 3D as well as brand new titles. We'll probably see more of Star Fox and Metal Gear Solid 3DS.

- Project Cafe

Despite posting that speculative spec sheet I'm taking everything with a grain of salt until we actually get to see the thing. It'll be interesting to see what is true and what is false and hopefully Nintendo can give us something we can all love.

- Skyward Sword details

I must know when this game is going to be released. The wait is killing me.

- The Last Guardian and Ico/SotC HD info

I'm a big Team ICO fan and their follow up to Shadow of the Colossus has me itching to get to play it. But information has been sparse, especially release details. I was hoping that by now the Ico/SotC HD Collection would already be out but that was also indefinitely delayed. Sure I have both on the PS2 but playing them up scaled will be fantastic.

- American releases for The Last Story and Xenoblade

The one thing that has really frustrated me and Nintendo fans is NoA's apparent lack of interest in at least bringing over games that the, for the lack of a better word, hardcore fans would appreciate. With the Wii obviously on its last legs having these two games and Skyward Sword would make the death at least a graceful one.

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