Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Poem I wrote for Negative World

We truly have an awesome community over at Negative World; many Editors here at PK Gaming can definitely agree with that. So, one lonely night I decided to write a poem expressing my feelings toward said community. Paleo thought I should share it with you guys, and I agree. Here it is:

Negative World,
You have given my life a whirl
You're as bright and beautiful as a pearl,
Even if you only got one girl...

Every monday I'm depressed, having to work again
It's never fun, not now, not then
My day would be duller than reading IGN
If it wasn't for the Nintendo Download thread by ludist210

You have a great community, which has only grown
We share our grief, our joy; we're never alone
We review games, we share the ones we own
And we participate in the Retro Game Club, hosted by Guillaume

Secret_Tunnel has no shortage of wit
He's not cranky, not one bit
He does have bad taste in games, I have to admit
He should play some better ones, like Bit.Trip

Some of us are near, some of us are far
Warerare is from Wales, the US is home to JKR
And somewhere I don't know lives achhibbar
But no matter what, we'll never grow apart

We can't deny it, we're all nerds
Contra is the love affair of X-Pert,
Whereas platformers fill the cup drank by Casper
And Oldmanwinter games on PC... what the Smerd?!

That carlos guy, man, he rox
He was in the newest podcast, and blew off our socks,
StarWolf is here, he randomly mocks
And, obviously, he can't let you do that, Star Fox

One of the newest Mods is anon_mastermind,
What, you were expecting four lines?
Too bad, Waluigi time

Writing titles in italics, man, it's so grand
I don't see it getting much better, I just can't
No one does it, though, what a scam
Except our very own GameDadGrant

To beat the impossible Ninja Gaiden, for games you need a knack
How fitting, then, that one of the people who did it was rebonack
Scrawnton wrote some songs that took me aback
And who doesn’t love the original threads started by Fabz?

It’s always fun to talk to the great DrFink,
He’s a new Mod too, I wonder why? *wink wink *
There’s not one, but two Shadowlinks
And their posts are insightful; they make you think

Brick? That guy's anything but a prick,
sirmastersephiroth always posts news, he's quick!
Heliumsky is the one chick,
And to the woods for a week, went autokymatic

There are no trolls, thankfully we got none
There was Hiredn00bs, but he is done
And nothing is more fun
Than the comic made by TriforceBun

Pokemon to Ash is like science to Paleo,
Armadillos are to Dillo,
What Wario is to DungeonO
And somehow, in this stanza I fit Tranquilo

Anand writes so many roundtables you’d think he’s in court,
He’s almost as passionate as Mustache talking about sports
Octorockin always has an intelligent retort,
And Orbital’s pissed that we don’t get many imports

VofEscalowne is anything but a bore
He’s made me laugh on Twitter, more than once before
Hinph’s icon is cuter than the characters in Spore,
And who doesn’t love the charm of roykoopa64?

Nate38 is so great, there’s a rhyme in his own name
Marsh seems like quite the laid-back mate,
Quite a paradox is created by NoName
And I’d love to hang out with Chozoman some day

Update the Database, guys, don’t be afraid!
Simbabbad compels you, so does Dynablade
Quite beautiful is the art PogueSquadron made
And in my nightmares I saw the icon wore by Infinitywave

Posts by gamewizard always feel right
Almost as good as the humor of kriswright
Griptor’s icon looks like it wants to fight
And Renjaku is always seen late at night

Negative World, you are my hero
You’re fun, you’re smart, you’re really a freak show
It’s hard to maintain this site, we know
So all of us thank you, Zero.


  1. Ya know, I just read this aloud for the first time. I think I'm gonna read it on a video and put our icons on the video accordingly as I mention people's names. :P Would you mind if I did?

  2. Of course not! I'd like that. I'd also like it if you mention me though... :D