Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Songs that should be on Rock Band - Supertramp

Next week, I promise I'll feature something that's not classic rock, it's just that my tastes are pretty old-fashioned. Though, the most recent music I like is from the 90's, so there will be little modern music or music from the 00's. I'll probably try alternating between my classic tastes and more modern tastes with future articles. Anyway, with that said, I'm going to feature an entire artist this week instead of one song, and that artist is Supertramp.

As I mentioned in my Rock Band 3 review, the lack of Supertramp was one of my 'what I didn't like' points. Supertramp is one of my favorite bands, and I've been very confused as to why they haven't been represented in Rock Band yet, especially because of the addition of keyboards, since the band is known for great keyboard melodies. Though... what songs should they use? Well... there are three albums I have in mind for them to eventually put up on the marketplace. The first being Breakfast in America, since that has the majority of hits from the band that are instantly recognizable (at least, they should be). The Logical Song in the video above is a small example of just what kind of music this album has, other notable examples are Goodbye Stranger, Take the Long Way Home, and the title track, Breakfast in America.

The other two albums, Crime of the Century, and Even in the Quietest Moments don't have quite as many hits, but they are still great albums in their own right. I'll leave you with my favorite song from the Crime of the Century album: School, and let you decide if Supertramp should be on Rock Band.

Note: Does anyone know a better way to show/link songs other than youtube? As you may have noticed, some of the youtube videos are strange... I would use Grooveshark, but unfortunately, that tends to only work for U.S. and Canada, and I wouldn't want to alienate our international readers. So if there is a solution to this, please let me know! Otherwise, I'll keep using youtube vids.

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