Friday, February 4, 2011

Flash Friday: Realm of the Mad God

Oh man, do I have an exciting game for you guys this Friday. Have you ever wanted to play an MMO, but just don't have the time or the patience for one? Well, this game is for you! It takes the basic goals of an MMO: defeating enemies, looting, going through dungeons, and defeating large powerful enemies... and puts it all into one very fast and streamlined game. And best of all about this game, that it's an actual MMO! So you can invite your friends to join you for short bursts of playtime. The only downside is that once you die, your character is dead. But don't worry, it's not very hard to level up another character, since the game levels you up so quickly. Your character is also automatically saved if you exit out of the game without dying.

Realm of the Mad God

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