Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Poll: Hall of Fame: Super Metroid inductee

Greetings, readers! If... there are any present...

As you might have noticed, there is a poll at the top of the page right now, and we would like to know have your input. This will be a regular feature each month with our Hall of Fame inductees and we will start accepting 'reader's choices' for inductees once we get some of our own favorites out of the way. There will be more information about that on the next podcast, and later this week, I should have an article up about the requirements for inductees.

So... go up there and vote if you haven't already!

1 comment:

  1. Eh, I'm more appreciative of seeing a game that is highly lauded verses a game that everyone has as their number one thing. I mean, you guys aren't breaking new ground here with a Hall of Fame thing for games, but your Super Metroid pick SAYS something about Super Metroid. I respect it.

    Now, if your first thing was, I dunno, Super Mario Bros. or Super Mario 64 or something super mainstream like that, people would be more apt to say "eh, seen it." I'm aware of the huge Super Metroid following "out there," so thats cool. I'm sure they appreciate it!

    For me? Hmm, I'm not sure what I'd pick first. I'm a more traditional guy, so I'd probably go with one of those games that people would say "eh" to. A shame, really. That said, I'm not a huge Super Mario 64 fan, so whatever. I might've led off with Legend of Zelda for NES. Thats a solid game.

    I remember coming home after school and snatching the game off the top of the fridge (so the kids my mom babysat didn't mess up my game files; one time one of my friends erased my main file on a Dragon Warrior game so he could play for a few minutes..and he didn't even like it. Horrible.) and popping it in. I soon found out the hard way that a refrigerator holds the mysterious ability to wipe a game while giving you a false sense of security! Out of the reach of youngsters, but right into the clutches of a phantom menace!

    (Star Wars could've used the term "phantom menace" so much better..)