Sunday, October 10, 2010

Top Ten Games You Probably Never Heard Of

So in celebration of 10/10/10, our malevolent admin Paleo is making us do top ten lists.
I'm doing mine on awesome games you've probably never even heard of, in absolutely no particular order.

10. Giants: Citizen Kabuto (PC)
Giants: Citizen Kabuto is a third-person shooter with strategy elements. Doesn't sound too exciting, but the humor is great and the plot is engaging. Each race is diverse and plays differently from the others, and becomes a new experience for each faction you control. Sadly, the game gets a tad monotonous during the later stages.
9. MDK (PC)
Murder Death Kill, one of Shiny Entertainment's best games. It's a first person shooter, but your character, Kurt, has the ability to snipe from very long ranges. The graphics are unique in the fact that most objects are just 2D sprites rendered from 3D models, like in Donkey Kong Country. This also made the game less taxing on slower computers, due to the reduced requirements. The humor was great and the weapons were zany. Who wouldn't want the World's Smallest Nuke?
8. Sky Odyssey (PS2)
The cover art looks pretty intense, huh? Well you're right, but not intense in the way you'd think. Sky Odyssey is a flight simulator. No combat ever plays out during the game. It's mainly about going from point A to point B, while flying across treacherous hazards such as rock slides. Sky Odyssey isn't the prettiest game; It was an early Playstation 2 title and there's a fairly short draw distance. The best part? The music is composed by Kow Otani, of Shadow of the Colossus fame, and it's just as beautiful here as it is in SotC.
7. Okage: Shadow King (PS2)
Alright. This game can really only be described as "Earthbound meets Nightmare Before Christmas". It's an incredibly quirky RPG about a boy whose shadow becomes the avatar for Evil King Stan. Yes, Stan. You have to set out and destroy the other evil kings who have usurped Stan's position, taking the title of evil king for themselves. The music is very nice, and the art style is actually inspired by the Nightmare Before Christmas. The only really bad part about this game is the awful battle system, but if you can tolerate that, it's a fun play.
6. Seek and Destroy (PS2)
Originally released as a budget title, it soon became a favorite of mine. It's a game about adorable tanks. Fighting other equally adorable tanks. Everybody is a tank in this game, including the priests and civilians. The best part of the game is the customization, allowing you to modify any real-world tank and giving it insane weapons. Is that a chainsaw on your M1A1? Why yes. Yes it is.
5. Opoona (Wii)
Opoona is developed by ArtePiazza, known for having helped develop many of the Dragon Quest games, and it shows. The game is an RPG that can be played one-handed with the nunchuck. It's a very casual, fun sort of game, where you take jobs and perform them. The game has alright pacing, but it's easy to get lost, even with a map. Also, no waggling for all of you anti-waggling Wii owners out there.
4. Prey the Stars (DS)
Also known as OM NOM NOM - The Game. It's a very quirky party game about four space dogs who go to earth to devour everything in sight. Each item they devour makes them larger, and the object is to become the largest. People liken it to Katamari Damacy without the rolling.
3. Lugaru HD (PC)
This is a game about ninja bunnies. That's the basic premise, and yet it works so well. Lugaru HD is a 3D combat game where you control a rabbit capable of performing insane acrobatic moves and attacks with just three buttons. Each button does many things depending on context, and you're free to create your own fighting style. The graphics might turn off some, but then they'd be missing out on a game where you can drop-kick a wolf into the stratosphere.
2. The Neverhood (PC)
The Neverhood is a classic in of itself. It's an adventure game sort of in the vein of Myst, but with Doug TenNapel's artistic flair. The entire world is made of clay, giving it a quirky, alien feeling as you control Klaymen and explore the various places in The Neverhood. The puzzles are Myst-inspired, but the smooth animation and funky music are definitely something unique that only the creator of Earthworm Jim could do.
1. Messiah (PC)
Messiah is a very zany game. You play as a cherub named Bob, sent to earth by God to cleanse the sins of mankind. The game has a distinct cyberpunk theme, contrasting the happy, cheery angel you play as. Bob can possess people and animals to infiltrate areas or to take out a target. The levels are very open and it's very easy to get lost in them, but it's a very amusing game nonetheless.

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