Sunday, October 3, 2010


Remember when dinosaurs were the talk of the town? Like in the mid and late 90's where we had games from the Jurassic Park franchise, Turok, and Dino Crisis? What happened to all the games with dinosaurs? Well, thankfully, I see another era of dino-based games arising. After the failed attempt to revive the Turok franchise by large game companies, I think it's up to indie developers to bring back dinosaurs in gaming.

A nice try... but not good enough.
There are a couple of games I see in development that may help this trend, and the first one is actually a mod that will be available on Steam sometime this year. It's called Dino D-day and it has a very ridiculous setting that I love. You fight against Nazi dinosaurs. They even tell you on their website: 'Nazis. Dinosaurs. what more do you need?' It calls for all sorts of awesome.

All sorts of awesome.
The second game is something I just found out about recently, and it has a very similar premise to the game Depth that I talked about in an earlier article. This game is called Primal Carnage, and it's a class-based game where there are two teams, one team of humans, and one team of dinosaurs. The humans have to get to the capture point before the dinosaurs tear them to shreds. Below is a 'Nemesis' diagram that shows you which class has advantage over the other.

And finally, here is a video teaser for the 'tank' class of the dinosaurs, T-Rex of course:

As you know, if you don't already, I'm called 'Paleo' because I love paleontology, so all of this is very exciting for me. So... what do you all think about this trend? Am I right, or am I just hopefully dreaming of a new trend in games to take the zombie's spot? I know there are other games that feature dinosaurs that I haven't talked about, and please mention them! I would welcome a change, especially if it means fighting against or playing as dinosaurs.

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  1. Mainstream is all about zombies and vampires right now. Jurassic Park is what sparked the Dinosaur craze in the 90's, and we'd need a similar spark again or else Dinos probably won't get out indie development.