Sunday, September 26, 2010

Video Game Soundtracks - Valkyrie Profile

I make it no secret that I love video game music, and I'm sure you do too. With what I'm hoping will be a regular feature here at PK Gaming, I intend to spotlight some of gaming's finest soundtracks and share a few personal favorite songs from each.

Today, I'll be looking at the game that probably started my love for video game music: Valkyrie Profile.

I regret never owning this game and instead getting my fix from constantly borrowing it from my friend. I especially want to smack my younger self now when I think how used copies of this game fetch around triple digits these days! Sure, there's a PSP remake, but it's never as good as owning the original thing, you know?

It shall be engraved upon your soul!

For those unfamiliar with VP, this was a Playstation RPG released in 2000, developed by Enix when they could do no wrong before a particular merger with you-know-who. What made this game so great were its dynamic battle and field systems and unique story and storytelling. Flying around Midgard as the legendary battle maiden Lenneth, collecting souls of the fallen and vanquishing undead and demons, all in the name of the Holy Law... Fun times. And who could forget the ludicrous voice acting! (Icicle Disaster anyone?) But above all else, it has a beautiful soundtrack that ties the package together with a pretty pink ribbon.

Composed by the amazing Motoi Sakuraba, who now has a very hefty resume including various Tales of titles, Star Ocean, and Golden Sun, the soundtrack to Valkyrie Profile may very well be my #1 favorite video game soundtrack of all time. Every song is diverse, full of emotion, and carries a sacred element in its sound that helps bring the divine justice out of the player.

To the Unhallowed Ground

Let us begin with a piece we hear with our first step into Valhalla, realm of the gods.

Distortions in the Void of Despair

You know you're in for a good RPG when your first dungeon sounds like this.

Behave Irrationally

The game gets very emotional at times.

Fighting the Shadowy Gods

Battle theme. Fast and energetic, just like the fights.

Blameless Thoughts

With the task complete, Lenneth triumphantly makes her way back to Valhalla.

Hope you guys enjoyed! Feedback appreciated!

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