Friday, November 19, 2010

Flash Friday: Dino Run

I almost forgot I was going to keep this an ongoing thing!

The flash game for today is a pixel style platformer called...

Dino Run

If you recall, I love dinosaurs and this game places you in the consciousness of a small theropod escaping the imminent doom that is the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs. You have to run your way through each level, continuously trying to outrun the blast. You can also upgrade your dinosaur before each level depending on how many DNA points you have.

That's a short overview of the game, now go play it!

Second Opinion: DrFinkelstein

I gave this game a go just now and I was surprised. It's essentially like Sonic The Hedgehog with Dinosaurs and a greater sense of peril. It's kind of a morose game if you really think about it, but play it anyway. I also appreciated the very 8-bit look and sound of the title.

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