Tuesday, November 30, 2010

First Impressions: Golden Sun Dark Dawn

I know I'm in the middle of another RPG right now with Chrono Trigger, and I've had Donkey Kong Country Returns eating up my time, but I just wanted to throw in some initial impressions of Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. I picked up my copy today from Gamestop and I've booted up my DS. I'll write a full review down the line once I've played it a greater deal but I just wanted to show my love of the game as it first dished it out to me.

The box art for the game is pretty nice, showing off the various Djinn and our lead Matthew. In white are the different summons found in the game. The art is successful, at least in making this season Golden Sun veteran to want the game. Though, when I booted up the game. That title screen... so simple and yet what makes it amazing is that familiar sound. The theme to Golden Sun. What an amazing piece. I've fallen in love with it all over again.

It's been a while since I've played the originals so the recap in the beginning was nice. It actually clarified something with me too. The premise of this game is that thirty years have passed since the original eight had saved the land of Weyward. The 3D graphics, at least from the beginning from the game, look pretty good. Some textures are muddy but already there's a lot of animation and detail not seen in previous titles. Still, it's great seeing Isaac and Garet again. Garet even has a mustache!

When I was able to finally move about, the graphics looked even nicer. This is a semi-cel-shaded appeal to it. I found my first herb and encountered my first "emoticon event". These don't do anything to alter the storyline from what I read in previous articles about the game but it's still fun to have some kind of input. Considering Matthew seems to be taking the place of Isaac as the 'silent protagonist' in this game, that is a nice little addition.

There is a lot of narrative right off the bat, though in true Golden Sun fashion I expect that not to change. Still though, with the production values in the music and the in-game cut-scenes of sorts, it feels so far kind of like a movie. It's rather engrossing and for that I am delighted as opposed to turned off. After a little problem with Garet's son "Tyrell" I was able to move freely again inside Matthew's house. I discovered a book called the Sun Saga 1. It turns out it was a bit of a backstory through still-image cutscenes. It seemed hidden almost and kind of a neat little find. Everything about this game screams 'warm fuzzies'.

The battles look really nice so far. I can only imagine the possibilities as I learn more moves, more psynergy, gain djinn, and unleash hell on some baddies. I know I was a Golden Sun fan since its inception, but so far this feels like a great homecoming.


  1. Sounds like Camelot is sticking with what made the first two games so great and then upping the presentation a couple notches. I like! Can't wait to sink my teeth into this one.

  2. The only thing I've heard that's made me worried is a lack in challenge/difficulty during battles. I don't know how much that'll matter to me, I guess my eventual review will tell us. Still though, you're spot on. So far so good and so classic.